Photo from the city of Lake Ozark.

Work continues on the road over Bagnell Dam, and MoDOT is giving an update on what’s happening now that Bike Fest is over.

“The contractors are actually going to start working on Saturdays too….they wanted to wait until Bike Fest was over and activities slowed down a bit on the strip” says Central District Engineer Bob Lynch.

He tells KRMS News some work has already been done to remove a thin layer of concrete laid down in the 1980s “Late last week they started the hydro-demolition process, which removes an additional half inch or so of what we call the rotting concrete that’s below the driving surface.”

Lynch says contractors will soon bring in paving rails to set the stage for the pouring of fresh concrete on the road over the dam.

The project is expected to wrap up in December, but businesses along the Lake Ozark Strip remain open to the public.

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