Schedule of Programs

Our Lineup During the Weekday:

12AM-4AM: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

4AM-5AM: This Morning, America’s First News, with Gordon Deal

5AM-6AM: America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon

6AM-9AM: The Ozarks This Morning with Guy Wehman

9AM-11AM: The Morning Magazine with Christian Blood

11AM-2PM: The Jimmy Failla Show

2PM-3PM: The Dave Ramsey Show

3PM-4PM: Show Me Missouri Show   NEW

4PM-6PM: The Ozarks Today with Mike Anthony

6PM-9PM: The Mark Levin Show

9PM-12AM: The Jim Bohannon Show


12AM-5AM: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

5AM-7AM: Big Billy Kinder Outdoors Show

7AM-8AM: Made In America with Neal Asbury

8AM-9AM: Bar B Que Nation

9AM-10AM: Law Talk

10AM-11AM: Bob’s No Wake Zone with Bob May (

11AM-2PM: Kim Komando Computer Show NEW

2PM-3PM: Radio Law Talk 

3PM-4PM: The Pet Show With Warren Eckstein

4PM-7PM: Science Fantastic with Dr. Michio Kaku

7PM-9PM: Today’s Homeower with Danny Lipford

9PM-12AM: Somewhere in Time with Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM


12AM-5AM: Coast to Coast AM weekends with Ian Punitt

5AM-7AM: The Travel Planners Show with Kevin and Sue McCarthy

7AM-8AM: The Farm Show

8AM-9AM: Christ the King Show

9AM-10AM Riverview Baptist Church

10AM-11AM: The Under The Hood Show with the Nordstrom’s Motor Medics

11AM-12PM: Grape Encounters with David Wilson

12PM-2PM: Our American Stories-

2PM-5PM: Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy

5PM-6PM: Everything Old is New Again NEW!

6PM-7PM: Townhall Weekend Journal With Hugh Hewitt

7PM-9PM: Armed American Radio with Mark Walters

9PM-10PM Coast to Coast with George Noorey

10PM-12AM: Somewhere in Time with Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM


We are also your home for Kansas City Royals Baseball