Wed. May 29th, 2024


ATM Theft Reported in Dallas County, Believed to be Connected to Lake Area Thefts

Another ATM theft is being reported in the region…this one happening in Urbana.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office says the Oak Star Bank ATM along Highway-65 was hit just after 5:30 Monday morning. It’s believed that the thieves stole a truck from the Preston area to use in ripping the front of the ATM off.

The suspects then grabbed the cash and took off in another vehicle…the whole theft taking only a couple minutes matching the M-O used in several other ATM thefts being reported around the region.

ATM’s have also been hit up in the past 2-3 weeks in Eldon, Versailles and Greenview in the lake area.

It’s believed the ATM thefts are tied to a crime ring out of Houston, Texas.

Reporter Mike Anthony