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Eldon Remembers Late Night Tornado Nearly 5 Years Ago To Date

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You can still see a few signs of damage from a late-night tornado five years ago tonight that upended many in Eldon and the surrounding area.

One of the residents, who along with her family, lost their home but were lucky to be alive was Meg Reynolds.

She told KRMS News “My daughter said to me….Mommy, our house blew away! I said I know hunny, we’ll get a new one.”

Reynolds says that she hunkered down with her children and husband in a bathtub as the tornado hit….“We just held on tight. We watched the roof start to rip off in our living room and the hallway.”

Looking back at the destruction, Reynolds says it’s truly a miracle that her family escaped pretty much unharmed…“God was with us, right then. I mean we were so lucky we weren’t thrown up into that Tornado. We held on as hard as we could…because of my Kids. That’s the thing I kept thinking, you can take me but don’t take my children.”

Millions of dollars in damage and only minor injuries were reported.

The tornado then moved onto Jeff City and did significantly more damage.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony