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Lake Regional Celebrates Pulmonary Rehab Week

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Lake Regional is inviting residents to take part in the annual Pulmonary Rehab Week.

Officials say all week long they are spotlighting the difficulties people have when fighting issues like COPD, which make daily activities and breathing difficult.

The hospital is offering a “Better Breathers” Support group, which is free to the public.

They are meeting at 1PM on the first Wednesday of the month at the Hospital.

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When someone has trouble breathing, daily activities can be a struggle.

Pulmonary rehab helps people with chronic lung disease breathe better, so activity is easier and quality of life is better. Lake Regional Health System joins health care organizations nationwide in observing National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week, March 12–18.

“We love seeing our pulmonary rehab patients set goals, work hard and meet those goals,” said Jody Corpe, E.P., M.S., manager of Lake Regional Cardiopulmonary Rehab. “Most of all, we love hearing how they are getting back to activities they loved.”


Team effort

Pulmonary rehab helps patients with COPD, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease and other disorders. Research has proven several potential benefits, including a reduction in respiratory symptoms, fewer hospitalizations, increased muscle strength, greater endurance and the ability to perform tasks that once seemed daunting.

 Several experts work together to provide pulmonary rehab:

·         Physicians evaluate patients and prescribe pulmonary rehab. They also track performance and adjust plans as needed.

·         Exercise physiologists develop a structured exercise plan to help with breathing retraining and overall conditioning, with a special focus on strengthening the muscles used to breathe.

·         Registered nurses monitor patients during each exercise session. Most patients have rehab three times a week for six to 12 weeks.

·         Registered dietitians provide education on healthy eating.

·         Exercise physiologists and registered nurses teach patients about their medications, and if patients smoke, provide support to help them stop.

Other important members of the team are fellow patients, who provide camaraderie. Research shows relationships among rehab patients can reduce the anxiety and depression that sometimes accompany chronic illness.

Ongoing support

After completing the prescribed program, patients can choose to maintain their progress by participating in the maintenance program.

In addition, Lake Regional patients benefit from a free Better Breathers support group. This group meets at 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of most months in Lake Regional Hospital’s third floor conference rooms.

 “It’s important that patients with lung conditions, such as COPD, get the education and support they need,” Corpe said. “Pulmonary rehab and our Better Breathers support group provide connection and ongoing education to help people live as well as possible.”

 Lake Regional’s cardiopulmonary program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. The program has three phases. Phase I, II and III services are available at Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach. Phase II and III services also are available at Lake Regional’s Pulmonary Rehab clinics in Eldon and Laurie. For more information, call 573-302-2280 or visit lakeregional.com/LungCare.

All News RSS Feed Front Page News Health Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

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