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MO Democrats Rally for More Gun Control

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Missouri House Democrats took to the Capitol steps Monday afternoon calling for changes in the state’s gun laws.

Specifically, the Democrats are speaking out on the heels of the mass shooting at the end of last week’s Super Bowl rally in Kansas City saying that more reasonable restrictions need to be put in place on gun purchases and the prevailing G-O-P policy to protect and preserve the 2nd Amendment needs to be reversed.

According to a report by KRCG TV, Minority Leader and Springfield Representative Crystal Quade told those who gathered that voters need to hold our repesentatives accountable and that “the very people who are saying that they want toddlers to carry guns in the streets of Missouri should be voted out of office and it is up to the voters to do that in November.”

Quade is also pushing for an override of Missouri’s preemptive statute prohibiting any county, city, town, village, municipality or other political subdivisions other than the general assembly from regulating firearms, accessories or ammunition.

Following the aftermath of the shooting, house republicans scrapped two-gun related bills…one seeking to allow guns on public transit and inside churches and the other to exempt firearms and ammunition from state sales tax.

Republicans also respond by pointing out that using a gun for violence is already against the law and those individuals are prosecuted under the law with further gun control measures being put in place only affecting law abiding citizens and not criminals.


All News RSS Feed State News Top Stories Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony