MO General Assembly Heading Towards Final Month – Senate Looking at DWI Diversion Bill

All News Politics State News Thursday, April 20th, 2023

With the end to this year’s session less than a month away, the Missouri Senate continues to consider several pieces of legislation.

One of those is Senate Bill 74, legislation that would create a DWI diversion program.

Senator Curtis Trant of battlefield sponsors Senate Bill 74.

He tells his colleagues his proposal would create a DWI diversion program….“The goal of this bill is to create a process to help reduce influence driving and encourage rehabilitation.”

Under Senate Bill 74, a prosecuting or circuit attorney could utilize a DWI diversion program if a defendant meets certain criteria.

But Senator Stephen Roberts of St. Louis says he wonders if this legislation is the best solution… “My primary concern about this piece of legislation is it’s, in a way, creating a carveout specifically for these interlocked companies.”

This measure has been placed on the Missouri Senate Informal Calendar for future consideration.


All News Politics State News Thursday, April 20th, 2023

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