Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


Senate Bill 756 Continues To Await Action On Governor Parson’s Desk

The saga over Senate Bill 756 continues as it has been sitting on Governor Mike Parson’s desk since May.

This measure seeks to modify a property tax credit for certain seniors…

Senator Tony Luetkemeyer of Parkville is the sponsor

“This offers predictability to seniors, ensuring that increased property taxes will never force them out of their homes. Also supporting Missouri seniors by eliminating the income taxes on social security benefits.”

During the hearing, Sen. Doug Beck of St. Louis mentioned some locales have already put this type of policy into place…

“I know that some counties have implemented….I don’t know exactly how they’ve done it across board…but some of them have put income, or property tax….the amount of property tax they are responsible for…in their legislations.”

Senator Luetkemeyer also says his proposal adds to last year’s Senate Bill 190…

“One of the provisions that is in the bill, clarifies that any individual…who is age 62 or older….which is the age you become eligible for social security benefits….that they can receive the tax credit that is authorized under senate bill 190.”

Senator Beck says, to him, this becomes an issue of fairness…

“All income tax isn’t the same….when you have billionaires who are going to get the same benefits from this and they don’t need that tax relief…whereas we have people who are actually truly splitting their medications, and going to the grocery store and dividing all these things…I am onboard with those kinds of tax relief.”

Senate Bill 756 is among the remaining pieces of legislation that has until July 14 for the governor to either sign, veto or allow to become law without a signature. So far, 23 bills have been signed into law, counting the Fiscal Year 2025 state operating budget.

Camden & Miller Counties are one of those who implemented a program to freeze property taxes for seniors off of Senate Bill 190.

Reporter KRMS Newsroom