Mon. Jun 24th, 2024


Sports Gambling Again A Hot Topic Ahead Of General Assembly Discussions

One of the many topics expected to make the headlines during this year’s Missouri General Assembly, once again, is sports gambling.

Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Caleb Rowden of Columbia says one issue that may see time on the floor of the Missouri Senate this year is sports wagering.

He says lawmakers tried to create this type of legislation last year…

And that deal, frankly, did not happen because maybe one or 2 or 3 people want slot machines in gas stations. That’s it. It sounds ridiculous.”

A growing number of states now allow betting on electronic mobile devices.

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo of Independence says the arguments for and against sports gambling have been the same for years…

It is a fight between video lottery terminals and casinos. You could fall down on that side however you like.”

The Second Regular Session of the 102nd General Assembly will start at noon on Wednesday.

So far, more than 563 Senate bills and 35 Senate Joint Resolutions have been pre-filed for the 2024 session.

Lawmakers could start hearing these measures as early as next week.

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