Sat. Apr 20th, 2024


Trump Sweeps Weekend GOP Caucuses, Minus D.C., Including in Camden County

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It was no contest over the weekend with former President Donald Trump making a clean sweep of the G-O-P caucuses in Michigan, Idaho and Missouri…including in Camden County…while losing in D.C to Nikki Haley

The Camden County Caucus resulted in Trump receiving 298…or 93%…of the 321 credentialed voters while Nikki Haley received 23 votes. Seven delegates from district-4 and three delegates from district-3 were also appointed to represent the Camden County Caucus at the next level.

Statewide, the Associated Press is reporting that Trump won all 54 delegates in Missouri for a nationwide total, so far, of 247 with 1,215 needed to win the 2024 nomination. Haley was shut out in Missouri with the AP reporting only 24 delegates nationwide backing her cause.

874 delegates are up for grabs from 15 different states involved in Super Tuesday this week.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony