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Water Accidents Up To Six As Of Sunday – Three From Saturday Alone

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There’s been a number of water accidents since the start of the Holiday Weekend…

The First happening on the 2nd, involving a PWC driver who was injured, after impacting the vessel due to hitting a large wake.

On the 4th a Kansas Man received serious injuries when he fell into the lake…and was struck by the propeller of the boat he was on, as it was docking.

There were also three incidents on the water on Saturday.

The first, at the 2.9 mile mark of Birdsong Hollow Cove, happened when the personal watercraft operated by a 13-year-old boy hit a wake sending an occupant up before crashing back down against the waverunner…she was treated for minor injuries at Lake Regional.

The second incident, at the 20.5 mile mark of the Osage Arm, was a hit and run between two personal watercrafts that injured a 19-year-old from Columbia who refused treatment for minor injuries.

And the third incident happened along the Osage River when a Seadoo accelerated quickly injuring two occupants who refused treatment at the scene.

Finally, a 21-year-old from Linn Creek was injured on Sunday…after hitting a large wake on his PWC, causing him to be ejected and then coming down to impact the PWC.

All News RSS Feed State News Top Stories Monday, July 8th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony