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Ameren-MO Offers ‘Spring Cleaning’ Tips to Save

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It’s no secret that prices for just about everything continue to spiral upwards. But there is a way to cut down on some of your more basic monthly bills by following a few helpful spring cleaning tips offered by Ameren-Missouri.

      NEWS-04-23-2022 SPRING CLEAN TIPS

Shelly Harmon is Ameren’s manager of energy efficiency and renewables. Harmon offers five spring cleaning tips to help reduce some of your monthly bills…those tips include: regularly replacing air filters, give your fridge a deep clean every now and then, checking your lighting fixtures, cleaning your sliding door tracks and re-directing your ceiling fans from turning clockwise back to counter-clockwise. More information about the tips can be found on the website for Ameren-Missouri.

All News RSS Feed Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

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