Thu. Jun 20th, 2024


Area Animal Shelters Asking For “Call To Action” Against People Who Abandon Pets

Animal shelters around the lake area continue looking to put more teeth into laws dealing with animal neglect and abandonment.

Dogwood Shelter Board Member John Page says, just this past week, the issue was magnified when a box of newborn puppies was found abandoned on the side of a road with only five of the nine able to survive.

Another incident, according to Page, happened when a puppy was abandoned very publicly at PB-2 in Osage Beach.

“Somebody kinda threw this dog out the vehicle, and drove off. The Dog ran after them…trying to catch them. These people picked the dog up and brought him to us…it’s kinda pathetic!”

Page also says he’s going to address the issue with local officials to see what more can be done and, in the meantime, if someone is looking to adopt, the well-behaved one-year-old puppy from the PB-2 incident is looking for his forever home.

The car involved at PB-2 was blue with first license digit ‘M’…anyone with information on the vehicle or occupants is urged to contact local law enforcement.

Reporter Mike Anthony