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Bagnell Dam Open For The Weekend

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On the eve of the beginning of Hot Summer Nights, MoDOT officials are saying Bagnell Dam will be re-opened to traffic once again, at least for the weekend, whether some final touches are finished or not.

“The plan is to definitely open on the weekend, Friday in the afternoon. That’s regardless if they finish or not, we’re still opening it for the weekend” says Central District Area Engineer Bob Lynch.

He tells KRMS News once applied, the epoxy seal will have a two-fold purpose…“This is going to help protect the concrete that is there, because some of it we didn’t touch. So you still have the original old concrete and we’re trying to preserve it as long as we can. But it’s also going to give it a consistent look.”

If the rehab project is not quite finished before the weekend, the dam will have to be closed down again, weather permitting, to make sure those final touches are complete. And, if that’s the case, the work will take place during the week.

All News RSS Feed Business Friday, May 13th, 2022

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