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UPDATED: Murder Charged Filed Believed to be Connected to Tanner Elmore Case

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A second-degree murder charge is filed in Camden County in connection to the death of Montreal resident Tanner Elmore. Prosecuting Attorney Caleb Cunningham says 40-year-old Eric Brandon Cole, also from Montreal, is further charged with conspiracy to commit a class A/B/C felony, abandonment of a corpse and stealing…

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It’s alleged that Elmore died after being provided with a controlled substance laced with fentanyl. Cunningahm credits inter-agency cooperation between the Jefferson City Police Department and the Camden County Sheriff’s Department, as well as information from the public, leading to the charges…

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At the current time, Cole remains in custody on no bond for unrelated felony drug charges in the Cole County Jail. The charges against Cole in Camden County also come with no bond.



All News RSS Feed Crime Friday, July 29th, 2022

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