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UPDATED: Remains of Donnie Erwin Found

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(UPDATED…Dec. 25, 2023…10:00am)

Less than a week after the discovery of the car belonging to missing Camden County resident Donnie Erwin, the sheriff’s office now confirms the discovery of Erwin’s remains.

In a social media post, Erwin’s sister, Yvonne Erwin-Bowen, says she received the call reporting the discovery Sunday morning from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

Erwin had been missing almost ten years to the day after last being seen on December 29, 2013, when he left his house.

Erwin-Bowen also says that “God’s will is done. And I am so very grateful to Him fir bringing my brother home. THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!”

As of this Christmas morning, the sheriff’s office says a cadaver dog hit on the center of the pond near where the car was discovered last week and, based on the remains, is confident on the identification.

The Mid-County Fire District Dive Team had also been assisting in the search.

KRMS News will pass along any more updates released by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.


All News RSS Feed Monday, December 25th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony