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Camden County EMA Set For Thursday’s “EOC” Drill Testing Skills For A Large Scale Wildfire

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A large number of first responders will converge on Camden County Thursday afternoon to go through the drills to prepare for a large-scale wildland fire getting out of control in the lake area…much like what happened last year in the Village of Wooldridge in Cooper County.

Emergency Management Director Samantha Henley says it’ll be all-hands on deck for the E-O-C drill.

Got the National Weather Service on board with us, and they’re going to be giving us information on how the wind’s shifting and everything. And then we take that information and we work with the first responders to figure out how is this going to affect the people who live here, the people who may be visiting, who don’t have a place to go if they need to evacuate, and running the emergency operations center at full scale.”

Henley also says another major focus of the drill, other than the obvious of fighting the wildland fire, will be getting information out to the public through the various channels which include radio, tv and social media.

The drill will begin at 1:00.

All News RSS Feed Top Stories Wednesday, October 25th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony