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Camden EMA Practices For Terrorist Attacks To Stay Prepared

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Although the lake area probably doesn’t rate very high to be the target of a terrorist attack, it’s not stopping emergency management officials from preparing for the unthinkable.

Camden County EMA Director Samantha Henley, speaking on the “Ozarks Today,” says that various agencies around mid-Missouri recently got together for a threat and hazard identification and risk assessment exercise…“We’re going to have the emergency operations center activated, we’re going to be speaking to our first responders….we’re going to speaking with our first responders…we’re going to be analyzing if there equipment that needs to be moved into the area. But then when you start to get into an actual terrorist event, you’re then going way beyond local…so we’re going to bring in our partners at the state and federal level….and we’re going to be working with them.”

Likely targets for an attack in the lake area would include Bagnell Dam, our local school campuses and various infra-structure such as bridges along our main thoroughfares.

All News RSS Feed State News Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

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