Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Camden EMA Starting EOC Training This Coming Thursday For CERT & First Responders In The Lake Area

The call is going out to all CERT members, E-M-A staff, first responders and community organizations interested in specialized training to help keep the lake area a little safer.

Camden County Emergency Management Director Samantha Henley says Emergency Operations Center, or E-O-C, training begins next week and will be spread out over the course of the next seven months.

The first session, on Thursday of next week, will consist of an overview of E-O-C operations.

The second session, on May 25th, will focus on E-O-C etiquette and setup.

The sessions then continue on the last Thursday of each month through October when a full-scale exercise is planned.

More information about the E-O-C training is available by contacting the Camden County E-M-A Office or going to the Camden County CERT website.

Reporter Mike Anthony