Tue. Apr 16th, 2024


Camdenton BOA Meeting Tuesday – Community Center Project On Hold

The much-anticipated community center project in Camdenton is now, officially, on hold until further notice.

That’s according to Administrator Jeff Hooker who says the city, instead, is currently looking into grant funding to rejuvenate the project.

The city has also applied for ARPA funding to help cover the expense of equipment for the police department.

Hooker also says that revenues received for November were up 45-percent but, overall, the city remains at 14-percent for the fiscal year which is now into its second month.

The board of aldermen is expected to hear more about the administrator’s report during next week’s regular meeting which will also include discussion on the sales tax for recreational marijuana related sales.

The Camdenton Board of Aldermen, on Tuesday, will begin at 6:00 in city hall.

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