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Chiefs, Mizzou & Cardinals in Thursday Sports Report

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We told you earlier this week the situation Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice finds himself in a vehicle registered in his name involved in an automobile accident over the weekend in Dallas, Texas

Certainly sounds like reckless driving was involved.

Maybe some street racing and a social media post Wednesday rice wrote that he took full responsibility for the incident still being investigated by authorities and certainly investigated by the Chiefs and the NFL


Mizzou basketball in the running……we told you about Tony Perkins the transfer out of Iowa, averaged 14 points four and a half rebounds and four and a half assists per game This past year for the Hawkeyes second team all Big Ten.

He has narrowed down his list To the sixth finalist Mizzou among them including Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon Oklahoma and Ole Miss


Cardinals home opener today the birds fell to the Padres yesterday afternoon by a score of three to two

Zach Thompson gives up three runs over five innings of work Just six hits on the day for the Cardinals as the offense went dormant once again Although Wilson Contreras a double and a run scored

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Thursday, April 4th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews