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Chiefs Prepare For Road Playoff Games As 3 Point Underdogs – Mizzou Loses Blake Baker

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The divisional round is set for the NFL playoffs next weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play the Buffalo Bills after they dispatched of the Pittsburgh Steelers 31 -17.

For Patrick Mahomes, it will mark some history.

His first ever road playoff game, he has played 15 postseason games in his career.

They’ve all either been at Arrowhead or in the Super Bowl.

So the Chiefs will certainly be underdogs next Sunday afternoon 5:30.

The game will be on free over the air television CBS

Chiefs 3 -point underdogs.

Of course, you can hear the game 93.5 Rocks the Lake.

Other games earlier on Sunday will be Tampa Bay at Detroit Saturday.

The Houston Texans at top seeded Baltimore.

Later on Saturday night, the Green Bay Packers at top seeded San Francisco.


Mizzou football, they’ve had a lot of good news the last several weeks, but a few more disappointing aspects more recently.

Defensive coordinator Blake Baker taking the LSU job he has also brought with him defense of line coach Kevin Peoples.

Kevin Peoples departure means Mizzou looks to be losing a would -be transfer in Isaiah Hastings who came over from Alabama.

Now he’s on his way out to Syracuse.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews