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City Of Lincoln Appoints People To Committees

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Several new board leaders have been sworn in following the city of Lincoln’s board of alderman meeting.

According to the Benton County Enterprise, Alderman Phill Fisher will be on the Streets and the Park board, along with Aaren Harms, Dexter Dunkin and Damien Ferguson for that board as well.

Alderman Janice Swearngin will be on the Benton Enterprise Zone and will serve with Alderman Jack Lietzke on the Airport board, who nominated Steve Kroenke, Jim Bentch, Aaron Bentch and Robert Exendine to the that committee.

Alderman Lietzke will also serve on Planning and Zoning.

Mayor Glen Nelson is serving on Water and Sewer and the Budget committee, while Alderman John King manages the Base Community Council.

Finally for the Board of Adjustment the board elected Ron Griffith to manage that group.

The city’s Police Chief Bobby Greene also reported that they had held a bake sale recently, that ended up earning $400 to be used for crisis intervention training.

The city has also received a COPs grant which will pay 75 % of salary and benefits for an additional officer, for five years. That officer could be a Resource Officer and part of the Lincoln School Board.

All News RSS Feed Politics Monday, May 23rd, 2022

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