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Election 2022 Results – Local & Statewide

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Missouri races went the way pre-election polling suggested they would with Republican state Attorney General Eric Schmitt defeating Democrat Trudy Busch-Valentine.

And it was a big margin of victory for  two Republican US House candidates who represent portions of the Lake Area as in District 3 Blaine Luetkemeyer easily bested Democrat Bethany Mann.

And in District 4 Republican Mark Alford scored a landslide victory over  Democrat Jack Truman by a margin of 71 to 26% .

As for the amendments on the Tuesday ballot, Amendment 1 to expand the authority of the state treasurer to make investments was defeated while  it appears the most well known question on the ballot – Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana – was approved by a very narrow margin. 

The pro-police funding question out of Kansas City, and the amendment to make the state National Guard its own department also passed by large margins.

And the two local ballot questions were also approved.

One in the City of Lake Ozark to allow an existing tax approved back in 2005 to fund sewer system improvements to now also fund water and road improvements.

And in Eldon Proposition B to extend a tax there to fund parks and recreation was also overwhelmingly approved by a 75 to 25% margin.


Here are the unofficial results….


Camden County


Miller County


Morgan County


Benton County



Statewide results can be found here: https://enr.sos.mo.gov/

All News RSS Feed Election Results State News Wednesday, November 9th, 2022

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