Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Failed MO Bill Seeking To Limit Land Purchases By Foreign Investments Expected To Be Part Of Special Legislative Session

While a much-publicized house bill seeking to limit land purchases by foreign investment entities failed to advance and reach the governor’s desk in Missouri, the issue is anything but a done deal.

That’s according to lake area House Rep Doctor Lisa Thomas who says the bill sponsored by Cass County’s Mike Haffner will be a topic during what is expected to be a special session.

“Hopefully with just maybe a few tweaks to that bill. It’s incredibly complicated to write that so that we make sure our enemies are not purchasing our land, but that we don’t exclude countries that we favorably do business with and who are supportive of us. And we are supportive of them. We don’t want to close them out.”

As written, Haffner’s bill would limit the amount of agricultural land in Missouri that foreign entities can purchase from 1% to one half of 1%.

The bill would also prohibit certain countries from purchasing ANY land in Missouri.

As of Thursday, the Governor has not announced any intentions for the General Assembly to convene for a special session.

Reporter Mike Anthony