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Few Details Available After Early Sunday Morning Pursuit in Lake Ozark

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Reports of a weekend pursuit in Lake Ozark with very few details available have been received by KRMS News.

No official information has been released but a cab driver in the area tells KRMS that the action started around 1:30 Sunday morning when one vehicle was pulled over near the intersection of HH and Bagnell Dam Boulevard.

“They went down towards Duckhead….the cops started to pick up speed and caught up to him at Duckhead. So he turned around, went the opposite way….then the next thing you know, he turned around and went back the other way…he made it a little bit further than Duckhead and went down towards Bagnell Dam, and by then there were several cops on him” says the Taxi Driver.

At some point during the sequence of events, the highway patrol and Camden County Sheriff’s Office reportedly joined in the effort to stop the vehicle.

It’s unknown if anyone was taken into custody and felony charges are apparently pending. The last report indicated that the suspect car was last seen crossing the dam into Miller County.

KRMS News has reached out to Lake Ozark police. No calls have been returned as of late Monday afternoon.

All News RSS Feed Crime Front Page News Monday, April 29th, 2024

Reporter Mike Anthony