Sun. Jul 21st, 2024


Fireworks Sales Begin Across The Show Me State Ahead Of The 4th Of July

The tents are up and a three-week window for the sale of fireworks is now open in the lake area and statewide.

Ethan Skinner operates a tent along Route-W near W-15 in the Eldon area. Skinner says it’s too early to tell and the jury is still out on some of the newer items available.

“We’ve got a few new products. We’ve got a new Saturn missile assembly…..That’s the 300 count…..And we got a few new 500 grams this year.”

Skinner also says, other than the usual favorites, most people who buy fireworks tend to think bigger is better.

“Usually for us is the like the huge stuff, the stuff on the middle table, the big packages and then the 500 grams usually sell out for us.”

This is the fourth year selling fireworks for Skinner. The official selling period, per the State of Missouri, comes to a close on July 10th.

Reporter Mike Anthony