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Hemp Shop Owners Give Their Take On Amendment 3

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Amendment 3 to legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri is not a cut and dry yes or no proposition according to a businessperson in the field of hemp and cannabis sales.

Kevin Halderman, owner of Hemp Hemp Hooray says the 38 page proposed constitutional amendment is complicated and many sections are vague and could lead to unintended consequences for Missourians.

Halderman uses the section concerning the creation of a new state position as an example…

“The Chief Equity Officer shall assist with the development and implementation of programs to inform the public of the opportunities available to people who meet the criteria set forth in this subsection. I don’t see anything about cannabis in that….there’s nothing that says anything about Marijuana in that at all. So, if I’m going to read this…..and I’m going to fracture this document apart….like I know the constitution will be….they’re going to develop an implementation of programing. It’s black and white, it’s right here…it’s spelled out. That’s the first one….the second job The Chief Equity Officer shall establish public educational programming. Again, it doesn’t say anything at all about Marijuana or containing to cannabis or anything, so I’m going to suggest it’s probably like K-12 programing.”

Halderman made his comments on Morning Magazine on News Talk KRMS.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics State News Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

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