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Is Lake Of The Ozarks A Dangerous Lake? Some Websites Think So….

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Is the Lake of the Ozarks America’s “most dangerous lake?”

Two reports from two different web sites indicate that it IS at least AMONG the most dangerous.

The financial blog called Insider Monkey ranks the Lake as the “Number One Most Dangerous Lake in America.”

A lesser-known internet site called Pond Informer – which provides  advice to pond and lake professionals as well as ecologists recently ranked The Lake of The Ozarks as the 9th most dangerous lake in the nation.

In both cases the authors cite a tendency towards what they call a “drinking culture” at the Lake for high death and injury rates.

According to the Water Patrol’s Troop F reports there have been 6 boating fatalities on the Lake this year.

All News RSS Feed Tuesday, November 1st, 2022

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