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KRMS Election Night Results

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Here’s the Latest Election Results for the August 2nd Primary….


Benton County Results – FINAL

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Presiding Commissioner Steve Daleske, Circuit Clerk Shanda Shultz and Prosecuting Attorney Rod Richardson all win their races in Benton County.

Additionally, County Recorder Carla Brown, County Clerk Susan Porterfield, County Treasure Rick Renno and County Collector David Brodersen all won their respected races.

All of the candidates were on the Republican ticket and there were no Democrat opponents register for the Primary.

The only contested race in the county was for associate circuit judge, in which James Owen Kjar defeated Jeremiah Mosley and Cale Haddock with just under 2,000 votes.



Camden County Results – FINAL

It’s a major upset for 2 incumbents in Camden County.

According to the County Clerk, unofficially Ike Skelton has defeated Greg Hasty and host of others for the Presiding Commissioner Seat while Richelle Christensen Grosvenor has defeated Caleb Cunningham for Prosecuting Attorney.

Skelton’s win is a massive vote, with 5,512 votes vs Hasty who had 1,788.

Grosvenor’s win is also big, with over 2,000 more votes than Cunning ham.

In addition to that, the Tax Questions for Osage Beach and Sunrise Beach Fire Districts have passed in last night’s election.



Miller County Results – FINAL

It’s a win for Kevin Cardwell taking the Presiding Commissioner ticket for the republican party in Miller County during Tuesday’s elections.

He beat out Bob Toalson by over 500 votes.

Kathy Plemmons also beat out Jenna Lawson for Record of Deeds while Matt Howard beat Gerard Harms JR for Prosecuting Attorney.

The rest of the offices were uncontested, allowing Clinton Jenkins to win for County Clerk, Shelia Curtman for Circuit Clerk, Phil Lawson for County Treasurer and Jody Vance for County Collector.

Miller county also added 183 yes votes to the Osage Beach Fire District’s tax question, which passed overwhelmingly in Camden County.



Morgan County Results – FINAL

There was little drama on Election Day in Morgan County with only one local race being contested…in it, for country treasurer, Rhonda Campbell topped Bill Black 1830-1036.

The rest of the races were uncontested with the Republican ticket showing Stephen Grantham for associate circuit judge, Tony Stephens for presiding commissioner, Aimee Worthley for county clerk, Monica Cable for circuit clerk, and Nancy Boles for recorder of deeds.

There were also two uncontested races on the Democratic ticket…Dustin Dunklee for the position of prosecuting attorney and Kathy Francis for the collector of revenue.

One other race Morgan County voters helped to decide was the 26th circuit judge spot with Kenneth Hayden topping Fawzy Simon 2,424 to 353…Hayden was also enjoying comfortable leads around the rest of the circuit.

Morgan County Unofficial Results Sheet


Judge Races in the Lake Area – FINAL

Several Judges were on the ballot for the August Primary.

In Benton County, James Owen Kjar was elected as Associate Circuit Judge, beating out Jeremiah Mosley and Cale Haddock.

Over in Camden County, Heather Miller was elected Associate Circuit Judge in Division 5, beating out Ryan Bridges.

In the Circuit Judge Division 2 of the 26th district, it was Kenneth Hayden beating out Fawzy Simon to retain his position on the bench.


Local State Races – FINAL

Big wins across the board for candidates in numerous state offices that cover the Lake Area.

In the State Senate, it was Mike Bernskoetter beating out Scott Riedel for District 6 while Sandy Crawford beat out Janet Arnold for District 28.

In the State House of Representatives, Rodger Reedy defeated James White for District 57, Willard Haley beat out Casey Pemberton for District 58, Dr. Lisa Thomas remains in power for District 123, beating out Mindy Martin, Jim Kalberloh beat out David Kelsay for District 126 and Jeff Knight beat Royce Tuck for District 142.

Finally, Scott Fitzpatrick won over David Gregory for Missouri Auditor.


Federal Races – FINAL

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is celebrating after defeating Representative Vicky Hartzler for the US Senate Seat on the Republican Ticket by over 1,000 votes.

He will go on to challenge Trudy Valentine on the Democrat ticket.

That seat is being vacated by longtime Senator Roy Blunt.

Mark Alford also claims a win in the Republican Ticket over Rick Brattin for Vicky Hartzler’s old job in District 4, which covers most of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Finally representative Blaine Luetkemeyer has defeated Brandon Wilkinson to remain in the Republican control of District 3 which covers portions of Camden and all of Miller County.

He will face off against Bethany Mann on the Democrat ticket.


Full results statewide:


All News RSS Feed Election Results State News Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022

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