Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


Lake Ozark Fire Discusses Issues With Ice Following Viral Video Of STL Firetruck Sliding Out Of Control

Many of you may have seen that video of a St. Louis-area fire truck sliding out of control on the ice wiping out one car and narrowly missing a nearby house.

He was trying to get off to, to get some sort of bite in that grass. Um, obviously the rear end of that truck is the heaviest piece, so he couldn’t get the rear axle off in time. So making the making the best of of the situation is exactly what he did.”

Speaking on KRMS Radio and TV,  Lake Ozark Fire Chief Marc Carr says his district had an ambulance damaged in a weather-related incident this week forcing personnel to make provisions to bring the patient in a different vehicle to another ambulance.

Carr says the bottom line is that when a call is received, you can rest assured there will be a response one way or another.

We may park the truck a quarter mile up the road on the flattest area, and the crew hikes in. We’ve got yak tracks with you. Strap over your boots to help get some traction, but everything gets more, more difficult in the winter.”

Here’s a look at that viral video…..

Reporter Mike Anthony