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LSU Eyeing Mizzou Defensive Coordinator Blake Baker

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Regular season, the bowl season and up until this point as brief as it’s been, the off season is gone about as well as you could ask if you’re a Missouri Tiger football fan.

But a small wrinkle is entered into the equation as of Wednesday night with reports surfacing that LSU could target Mizzou defensive coordinator Blake Baker for the same job.

LSU fired their defensive coaching staff on Wednesday providing this immediate opening and Baker’s got some ties to the state of Louisiana.

In fact, he was the linebacker’s coach at LSU before Brian Kelly took over.

He was also the defensive coordinator at Louisiana Tech.

Now in theory, LSU could have some big bucks to throw around to entice Baker to take the position, but we’re not talking about chump change at Mizzou.

In fact, Baker has just been given a contract extension and a raise that will pay him in excess of a million dollars per year. Certainly a lot of reason to stick around, but we’ll see if the ties down to the bayou could bring him to LSU.

Stay tuned.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Thursday, January 4th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews