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Mahomes Talks Chiefs Dynasty Ahead Of Superbowl This Sunday

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to enter some rarefied air on Sunday night, winning their third Super Bowl in the last five years and have a chance to make it back to back Super Bowl championships as well.

Patrick Mahomes, a big part of that and he entertained the possibility that this Chiefs team is indeed a dynasty.

“I think the biggest thing about the dynasty is consistency. Trying to be consistently great every single year, not getting too big headed or satisfied with where they’re at. But you have to continue to do it year in and year out and I don’t think you can really say that you’re a dynasty until it’s over and people will look back at your career and how you did it. So for me it’s just trying to be great every single year and when I look back at my career I’ll know that I gave everything I had.”

Chiefs, despite pretty healthy all in all, obviously some injuries with Joe Thuny on the offensive line, but Chiefs are an underdog in this game in Vegas. They’ve been hanging around a point and a half.

Of course you can hear it Sunday afternoon, kickoff just after 5:30, 93.5, Rocks the Lake.

All News RSS Feed KRMS Sports Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

Reporter Brendan Matthews