Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Missouri Senators Reflect On 2023 Legislative Session And What’s Coming Up For Next Year

Missouri senators continue to reflect on the 2023 regular legislative session, and look ahead to what could be on the agenda for next year.

As this was the first regular session, there were not only some new faces in the upper chamber, but also new leadership for the Missouri Senate.

Senator Cindy O’Laughlin of Shelbina started her second term as state senator in the role of majority floor leader…

“Some of the things we wanted to get done, we didn’t get done….but that’s just kind of the way it goes in the Senate. I think we have a lot of incredibly talented people and I’m just proud to have worked with them.”

For all of the successes for Missouri senators this year, there were also some things that did not make it to the governor’s desk.

Senator Doug Beck of St. Louis says securing five-day weeks for every school district in Missouri did not become reality this year…

“I think the converstation has started, but unfortentaly we didn’t get it done this year. I am determined to get it done next year and I even have a path to go forward…it will be the number 1 bill that I will file.”

Next up for lawmakers will be the official sine die adjournment on May 30.

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