Thu. Apr 18th, 2024


MO 4th Representative Mark Alford Touts KRMS & AM Radio On House Floor

Some members of Congress and others are speaking out in protest to a plan by automakers such as Ford, BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla to eliminate AM radio from many of their models.

Joining in the protest is Missouri Congressman Mark Alford who represents the 4th district which covers a part of the lake area.

“Radio is the lifeblood of information for our farmers and ranchers in particular, providing crucial updates on weather patterns, market shifts, agricultural news. It’s also a vital platform for emergency information under the Communications Act of 19:34 AM Radio is there for a reason. It’s there to operate in the public interest. And that’s exactly what it does.”

Alford event went on to mention KRMS as one of the important AM stations that help drive communities.

Two other members of Congress, namely Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher and New Jersey Democrat Josh Gottheimer, are joining in the call expressing to FEMA the roles that AM radios play in society.


Reporter Mike Anthony