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More Details Released In Camden County Homicide Case

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More details following the discovery of a body south of Camdenton on Thursday of this (past) week.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office received a call from an individual who claimed he had not seen 62-year-old Thomas Gifford for about a week.

Upon arrival to the location at 1788 South Business Route-5, deputies discovered Gifford’s body along with undisclosed evidence suggesting that Gifford had been murdered.

Sergeant Scott Hines tells KRMS News nothing is being ruled out including some past domestic issues on Gifford’s record…“The case was suspicious from the very beginning. We didn’t have much data on what had happened.”

Hines says they do have some people they want to speak to in regards to the investigation… “The people that we are looking for now, they are not suspects in the case….right now they’re persons of interest. As is often the case, when we do investigations like this…these people could turn into suspects, but more than often they turn into witnesses.”

Gifford’s body is to be scheduled for an autopsy sometime next week.

All News RSS Feed Crime Monday, February 20th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony