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New Budget Adopted For The City Of Osage Beach

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Friday, December 16th, 2022

The final Osage Beach City Board meeting of 2022 was held on Thursday night and a new budget was adopted.

City Administrator Jeanna Woods discussed the highlights with KRMS News…“The fiscal year 2023 budget, which goes into effect January 1st….was adopted by the board, which is big news….along with several other things that got approved as well.”

The meeting also included a first reading of a proposal to put a cannabis tax proposal before city voters in April.

The measure would create a 3-percent tax on sales of recreational marijuana products now that Amendment 3 has taken effect.

City Administrator Jeanna Woods tells KRMS News there’s been no opposition expressed to the proposal…“Possibly we may still get comments before the second reading….which is why the first and second readings are usually separated, giving people a chance to comment. Whether or not people come to the board, we do recommend that if you do have questions or concerns that the boar would want to read before the meeting, you can e-mail those to the city clerk as well.”

The next Osage Beach City Board session is set for January 5th.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Friday, December 16th, 2022

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