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Osage Beach Fire District Asking Public For Help To Pass Tax Increase

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When the August ballot rolls around, patrons in the Osage Beach Fire District will decide on the fate of an issue.

Deputy Chief Steve Lucas says passage of the one-half cent sales tax would go a long way to protecting the district’s residents and the millions of visitors every year…“We have some trucks that are antiquated…we take the best care we can of them, but it’s getting harder and harder to keep these trucks on the road. Some of these trucks are over 30 years old and they just flat out need to be replaced. When you’re dealing with life safety, reliability is paramount.”

Lucas also says passage of the measure will result in a reduction in real estate and property taxes for residents and property owners in the district…“With the sales tax, 50% of what we collect as revenue on the sales tax….will be credited back to credit your real estate property tax, back to the taxpayer.”

The issue will be decided at the ballot boxes on Tuesday, August 2nd.

All News RSS Feed Politics Monday, July 25th, 2022

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