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Osage Beach Mayor Updates Community On Sewer Repairs

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Osage Beach Mayor Michael Harmison says a sewer pipe break that caused a minor spill of sewage into The Lake not far from the Grand Glaize Bridge last September will not be permanently repaired for possibly 5 or 6 months.

Harmison says the spill was stopped quickly right after it happened, however the it has involved an interim “work-around.”…“They had to man it 24-hours….they had to literally go from one lift station to another, with a collapsible pipe. And so they have fixed it…temporarily, but not permanently…it is fixed so that no one has to man it anymore, but literally they’re still lifting from one station to another…above ground…so it’s going to cost quite a bit of money. But it will be fixed by next Spring, it needs to be done before Memorial Day.”

Mayor Harmison says part of the delay in doing the final fix is the availability of parts and materials needed…“The neat thing about it is that the city did step up…..and people don’t know, behind the scenes…how good our water works is. You gotta figure, we have about 1,400 lift stations. We’re one of the most in the United States…if not the world. And people think “We got a little bit of foul odor here” well….you know, we’re very fortunate we don’t have more foul odor because our water works is excellent and they’re learning. There’s new technology out there. A lot of times, especially with the sands…we gotta have the lift stations open for a while. Rain, wind that sorta thing. But But, there on it. And for the most part people didn’t know because of the quality of Public Works and it will be fixed before Memorial Day.”

Harmison commented on a recent edition of Morning Magazine on News-Talk KRMS.

All News RSS Feed State News Monday, November 21st, 2022

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