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Osage Beach Takes Steps Closer To New Parks Master Plan

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The City of Osage Beach is a step closer to officially putting its stamp of approval on what will be the Parks Master Plan.

That’s according to Administrator Jeana Woods, speaking on the Morning Magazine, who says that the master plan will include several improvements at, both, Osage Beach City Park and Peanick Park.

“A little over $11 million of planned improvements. And, of course, none of this is really finalized. The Board of Aldermen will be meeting in March, which is open to the public. It’s Tuesday three seven, so it’ll be a special meeting. And we’re going to go through a workshop so the Mayor and Board of Aldermen can dive into the plans and survey and the data of what is best to improve our parks.”

Woods also says while the city parks also accommodate tourists, the planned improvements are geared more towards those who call Osage Beach their home.

“We have a very growing community that’s here full time, whether it’s even the second homeowners that are here mostly full time, which is happening more and more and more.”

A copy of the master plan is expected to be posted on the city’s website as the date draws closer for the special session to finalize the plans.

All News RSS Feed Business Politics Friday, February 10th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony