Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024


Race Across America Coming Through The Lake Area June 23rd

The Lake of the Ozarks is expected to get even a little busier in a couple of weeks as dozens of bicyclists make their ways through parts of the lake area.

It’s the 2023 version of Race Across America…an ultra-distance road cycling race covering some 3,000 miles.

“There are hundreds of participants and their entire team that will bicycle from California to Maryland. And it is truly a race. They start out with the solo racers first, and then the teams will come through and it’s lots of great, lots of excitement, and you meet people from all over the world.”

Camdenton Chamber Director K.C. Cloke also says the Signal Gas Station, once again, will serve as a time station for the event.

The bikers hit the road from Oceanside on June 13th with the top finishers expected to reach Annapolis sometime on, or before, June 23rd.

Local businesses are encouraged to display signage greeting the Race Across America participants as they come through the lake area.

Reporter Mike Anthony