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Recap On Redistricting Tells A Story Of Hard Fought Battles

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A House bill calling for congressional redistricting across Missouri becomes the first measure from the just-ended session to be signed into law.

Senator Mike Bernskoetter of Jefferson City handled House Bill 2909, which was signed into law just last week…“I can’t image that I’ve done much harder, maybe raising my kids was harder, but I’m proud of our final results.”

A lot has been said about how redistricting was handled in Missouri, along with those who wondered just when a new map would have to be official — before March or before the August primary.

Missouri Senate Minority Floor Leader John Rizzo of Kansas City says he was in the Missouri House of Representatives the last time redistricting happened in our state…“The two districts obviously that we really pay attention to are the Fifth District and the First District, and I feel like we were in a solid position in those. Obviously we’d like to see the Second District more competitive.”

Since House Bill 2909 contains an emergency clause, it took effect as soon as the governor signed it.

All News RSS Feed Politics State News Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

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