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The Summer-like heat is causing homeowners across the Lake Area to think about adding a pool…however, officials say this time you’ll be forking over a lot more to get that done.

Like prices for everything else, the cost of building a pool is up sharply — in no small part because of higher labor costs.

In a recent survey of a thousand pool builders by Pool Magazine, almost 75% said they’ve raised their prices by almost a third since the pandemic began.

Some builders told the magazine that many American homeowners think building a pool is a lot cheaper than it is — because of outdated or inaccurate information.

One builder said a basic in-ground pool will cost at least $60,000.

One with a spa and decking can easily cost twice that. reports that home pools are most-common in Phoenix, Miami, Tampa and Orlando while the cities with the smallest number of pools per capita include Portland, Kansas City and Seattle.