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Senator Roy Blunt Among Those Who Signed For Same Sex Marriage Bill

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As we’ve reported Missouri Senator Roy Blunt is among 12 Republicans who joined 47 Democrats and two independents in voting for the same-sex marriage bill on Tuesday.

The vote, which mandates recognition of same-sex marriages, passed 61-36 sending the measure to the House where it’s expected to also be approved.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft had written to Blunt urging him to vote otherwise on the measure.

Ashcroft telling KRMS….“It’s not the right way to do it….it shouldn’t be done by the Federal Government, it should be done by the State Government. It’s not about whether or not people of the same sex can get married, that’s been decided by the court already. It shouldn’t be done, metamorphically, in the darkness of night in a lame-duck session and of course….we shouldn’t be passing legalization that will be used to attack people for their deeply held religious beliefs, that’s just wrong. We should be a country that always believes in Freedom of Religion, not just of beliefs…but the ability to practice the religion as they see fit and that should apply to everyone.”

Ashcroft says Senator Blunt never responded to his letter.

Missouri’s other senator, Josh Hawley…who’s also a Republican…voted against the measure.

All News RSS Feed Politics State News Friday, December 2nd, 2022

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