The Water Pollution Control Branch (WPCB) is pleased to forward the below information regarding availability of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) technical training videos. These new videos focus on methods and techniques that small wastewater treatment systems can use to maintain, or return to, compliance. The WPCB encourages municipalities and wastewater operators to utilize these videos as a resource for improving compliance at your facilities.

Small Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Technical Assistance Videos Developed by EPA

EPA recently finalized several videos that may be of interest to your state and small municipality stakeholders. These videos demonstrate the use of process control tools to help small wastewater treatment systems either return to compliance or maintain compliance. Jon van Dommelen from Ohio EPA walks through each treatment unit, identifies tools and equipment that can help operators diagnose operational problems, and then demonstrates how to use the tools in a troubleshooting exercise. These videos and other various resources can be found on EPA’s Significant
Non-Compliance National Compliance Initiative website here. Once you reach this page, please scroll down to the following section, and click on the video links:

Technical Resources, Assistance and Training

  • Providing Process Control Technical Assistance to Small Mechanical WWTPs Series