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Tampa Boat Show Spotlights New Technologies & Products Geared Towards Boats Sold In The Ozarks

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The calendar may have turned over to spring with cooler temperatures in the forecast at the lake but it’s always a good time for a boat show…even if it’s about 12-hundred miles away.

“It’s not open to the public” says KRMS Radio and TV’s very own Captain Bob May, So you see a lot of things that are industry related…like you know, you may not really care about what kind of gel coat that is or what is gel coat better than somebody else’s, But it’s all about the boat builders and that’s what you see there.”

May says the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference held in Tampa Bay, Florida was packed with all kinds of new gidgets and gadgets that he anticipates will be integrated into systems that are sold here in the lake area.

The IBEX show features the latest innovations, insights and industry connections along with the latest products being made available to the boating public.

Today’s (Thursday) was the final day of the boat show and conference and now it’s back to the Show-Me State for Captain Bob.

Here are some of the items that were being shown off at the event: https://www.ibexshow.com/exhibitor-press-releases/

Learn more about the show here: https://www.ibexshow.com/

All News RSS Feed State News Top Stories Thursday, October 5th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony