Mon. May 27th, 2024


Temperatures Expected To Increase This Summer For The First Time Since 1850’s

Don’t look now but Mother Nature is expected to turn the heat up a notch or two this summer.

That’s according to Weatherology Meteorologist Cara Foster who says all the signs are there.

“We’ve been kind of looking at that and kind of how winter was and how warm it was and how kind of messy it was, was an indicator of how the summer will be.”

Foster also says, while most really don’t think too much about a three degree increase in average temperatures, it is definitely an issue to keep an eye on.

“It’s not good. Adding three degrees on to our yearly average for areas can be actually a lot, and especially for, like, crops and stuff. That makes a huge difference.”

A new U-N report released this week, based on information from the World Meteorological Association, says the 3 degree average increase in temperatures is an occurrence that hasn’t happened since BEFORE the Industrial Revolution back in the 1850’s.

Reporter John Rogger