Wed. May 29th, 2024


Tourism Offices Across The Lake Region Say They’re Ready For The Summer Season

Five weeks and counting to Memorial Day weekend…when many consider to be the official beginning of the tourist season at Lake of the Ozarks. But what kind of season will we have this year…?

Lebanon Tourism Office Director Rebecca Rupard says, if it’s anything like last year, the ringing of cash registers will be loud and clear again.

“July 1 of 2022 through June 30 of 2023, Missouri has hosted over almost 42 Million visitors….so that created an almost $20 Billion dollar economic impact in our state.”

Numbers show more than 300,000 are employed in tourism-related jobs and 372,000 stopped for information last year alone at visitor centers across the state.

Rupard goes on to also say that those are just the numbers we know about.

“You know we don’t know how many people come to any destination, because you don’t have a turnstiles at the gate, but regardless….Lake of the Ozarks 100% obviously contributes a large amount to that.”

Lebanon to the south and Kingdom City to the north are big beneficiaries of the tourism traffic serving as crossroads for the millions who come to visit the lake each year.

Reporter Mike Anthony