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Update From Morgan Sheriff On Halloween Candy Issue

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The Morgan County  Sheriff’s Office says concerns that a recipient of candy from last weekend’s Halloween events became ill because of candy that was tampered with have been deemed unfounded.

In a statement the office says the individual involved was not a child, but a 37 year old man who had been sick for several days before he complained of having possibly eaten tainted candy.

And no other people of any age came forward with any similar reports of having gotten candy that might have been tampered with.

Bottom line, Sheriff Norman Dills essentially says “case closed.”

Press Release
November 3, 2022
In an update to the Press Release on November 2, 2022;
On November 2, 2022, this office received a report of a 37 year old male that was having a violent reaction that was allegedly caused by tainted Halloween candy. On November 2, 2022, this office examined the packaging from the alleged tainted candy and found no evidence of tampering.
The reporting party on this incident alleged that the tainted Halloween candy came from local Trunk or Treat events in the cities of Gravois Mills, Laurie and Stover.
In an abundance of caution this office made the public aware of the allegation.
On the morning of November 3, 2022, the alleged victim was interviewed at this office, when he became available.
During that interview it was confirmed that other members of his family had eaten the alleged tainted candy with no ill effects.
It was further learned that the alleged victim had been sick for the previous week with the stomach flu.
The alleged victim stated that he had consumed 4 pieces of candy on the night of November 1st and became ill to his stomach.
The alleged victim stated that he had then smoked Marijuana and began to feel better.
The alleged victim stated that he did not begin suffering severe headaches and involuntary movements of his limbs until after smoking the Marijuana.
The alleged victim stated that the Marijuana was old.
The medical records for the alleged victim were obtained, via Investigative Subpoena, from Lake Regional Hospital in Osage Beach, Missouri.
The records show that the alleged victim was admitted at 2:06 A.M. and released at 3:49 A.M. on November 2, 2022.
A toxicology screen showed only the presence of THC.
At the time of this Press Release, this office has received no additional reports or allegations of tainted Halloween candy and consider the original report to be unfounded. Additionally, at no time did any member of this department allege that Halloween candy was spiked with baths salts.
Norman Dills,

All News RSS Feed Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

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