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Wildfires In Canada Throw A Thick Haze Over The Lake Area

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Those wildfires in Canada continue to have an effect on air quality at Lake of the Ozarks, statewide and across a big part of the country.

That’s according to Weatherology’s Ray Miller who says it could be worse.

“Hasn’t been as bad here in Missouri as in other parts of the country but we are seeing a little bit of it. There’s a bit of haze in the air both from Canadian fires and also there was a fairly large fire in northern Michigan a couple of days ago and a lot of the smoke from that has been wrapping our direction.”

As far as the visibility, Miller says it’s nothing like it is in the western US

“Not quite as dramatically as some of the other fires we’ve seen. When we’ve had fires out in California where the sky is that really kind of eerie red color. It’s not quite that bad, but a lot of haze and certainly if you have allergies and things like that, it can cause a problem.”

Millions of acres have gone up in flames in Canada since the wildfires were first reported on June 2nd.

Air quality reports around the lake blamed on those fires have been categorized as moderately affected.

Some rain in the forecast is expected to reduce some of the haze.

All News RSS Feed State News Top Stories Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Reporter Mike Anthony